Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Magnificent muffins.

Been driving by this place on my way to work each day. I was super intrigued. Throwing out the word magnificent is a pretty big deal. Their name tactic got me and made me want to stop to see just what a magnificent muffin tasted like. It is the type of tiny whole in the way place, but sometimes those type place do have the best stuff.

Today, I finally got my act together and left early for work and made a pit stop. They had a lot of choices for flavors, but they didn't have my #1 and #2 favorites, which was quite odd. Lemon Poppy and Corn are pretty standard muffin flavors and to not have either! I can't let them influence my experience, but I do feel I would have been a little more happy biting into one of those kinds.

I tried their sour cream coffee cake. It was quite nice. Super moist and fresh.

Their muffins have a square top from the batter brimming over in the pan. It probably has become their signature appearance. One beef I have is that some of the batches were cooked a little too long. And for this reason, I didn't get a Cinnamon Chip Muffin. They were on the verge of being a little burnt on the edges. Not cool in my book! All in all I had a magnificent breakfast and will return for another muffin another day.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cupcake in a jar?

 So down south in the land of Philly there is a company that makes delectable bakes goods and then jars them up. Undercover cupcakes! My lovely sister bought some of their cupcakes for us to taste test. They were the bomb. Cake was moist, frosting was sugary, and I do love eating out of a small container. One could say this was the perfect 4 oz. dessert. Then 10 minutes later I was longing for another. Next time I buy myself one I'll have to go for the double decker.

They ratio of frosting to cake was PERFECTO; about 50/50. This is my kind of numbers!

We tried Vanilla Buttermilk, Strawberry Limeade, and Blueberry Lemon. I would rank them in that order! Get yourself to Philly and try one!