Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fave restaurant: Friendly Toast

This weekend I paid another visit to one of my fave restaurant in Boston right now.

Friendly Toast, in Kendell Square right near the landmark cinema.

I adore the food, ambiance, decorations, people....I could go on. It is this ultra hip diner type establishment that has kooky decorations all over the walls. I've been to lots of places that cover the wall with old antiques and such, but here they do it especially well and have selected such amusing things. The decoration also are very bright and vibrant and make for a fun color pallette. One room has covers of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys as the wall paper. They also have things like this burger head and life size barbie figurines.

There are so many good things that are right up my alley on the menu. I always go back and forth and struggle to decide. They serve breakfast all days. And I looooove breakfast food. They make homemade bread which they slice ultra thick and it is to die for. They make an awesome grilled cheese (still second to Homegrown though!) You could also get a big plate of home fries and veggies, as a meal. It comes with toast too. You sis will probably make fun of your plate-of-carbs if you get it! Oh and they also have a drink called the Napoleon Dynamite!

Waiting area:

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