Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A nice surprise to come home to.

I had a surprise waiting for me when I came home today: a box from New Balance, with a lovely pair of shoes inside. A pair shoes that is especially lovely, because it was FREE!

The past few weeks I have diligently been recording whenever I have someone try on NB shoes and more specifically, there awesome new lightweight neutral shoe, the 890. When it was released at the beginning of March, I was really interested in trying it out. New Balance did extensive promoting of this product, so within the running community, it is nearly impossible to have not heard anything about it. In the pursuit to create a lighter, simpler trainer without sacrificing any key performance traits, RevLite was created, the new cushioning used for 890s sole. I have always liked a lighter shoe; been mainly running in the Mizuno Wave Rider the past 5 years which comes in at 8.5 ounces. You really feel the difference when you put these 7.65 ounces on. It feel so nice and light, but still is a substantial shoe.

After getting myself a pair, I'm pretty obsessed, so when the opportunity came up to earn a free pair, I was all over it. I also have been entered into winning a trip to the 2012 Olympics. Call me crazy, but I have this feeling I'm going to win! See you in London!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Become Your Dream.

So right about the time I left my job, a ghost writer started chalking messages all over Central Park that read, "Become your Dream." The first time seeing this, it really amped me up. I wanted to thank this person for giving me a boost.

We've had a really rainy season to and this person takes the time (or pays some helper) to go out and rechalk messages all over the park on a regular basis. I love it! After doing a little research I found the culprit behind the messages much easier than I was expecting. His name is James De la Vega and is an artist who lives in Soho who is known for his murals and chalk drawings. His trademark slogan which each street drawing is usually accompanied by is, "Become Your Dream." It is such a simple little saying, but seeing it all over the park is really motivating!

Also, this must be his trademark little character. He can be found all over the park too.

I like him!

Just want to throw out a thanks to James for inspiring me on a daily basis.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love Angelo's restaurant. Hate I didn't get to see him.

To continue my top chef obsession, I came across another article in AM New York, which showcased Angelo, of Top Chef All-Stars new restaurant, Social Eatz. It just opened about a month ago in the 50s on the east side. The article has been posted on my fridge since then saying, "WE MUST GO HERE!"

Today I finally got the pleasure to stop by and try it out. I'm not sure how busy they get for dinner, but at lunch time we were able to walk right in. It is a pretty casual establishment with great pricing for New York. The menu is filled with different entrees of American fair with Asian influences. His empecable quality of taste and ability to pair different flavors together is definitely obvious from the menu. I appreciate that he has a restaurant of this standard. Most Top Chefers end up going the high end, super expensive route, so I can only dream about visiting their restaurants.

Although I had a burning desire to try this place, I wasn't sure I would even like it. The entree all sounded super interesting and different, maybe too different (for me!.) This was not the case though. I really really enjoyed what I got! I had the Chicken Corn & Coconut Tacos. He really know what he is doing and combines flavors in a great way. I wasn't sure about the coconut relish so I had them put it on the side. I tried though and liked it though, so then I added it on. It tasted like a salsa and the coconut flaovr wasn't overkill. A+ in my book. If I went back, I'd probably be lame and get this again because I enjoyed it so much!

My fellow diners, Alice and Deet, tried the Bibimbap Burger and the Imperial Hot Dog and were also quite in love with the food. The price is definitely right and the food is of great standard. It is a must on the list of places you should try.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scottish Treat I LOVE.

Today I ran the Scotland 10K in Central Park. It was a fun filled event with many people sporting kilts and bag pipe players at each mile markers. The race went very well and I was pleased with my time. 8 seconds off my goal. So close! After the race they were passing out some refreshments and I got to try one of these amazingly scrumptious bars:

It was quite similar to a English Flapjack or a shortbread with some added oats and dried fruit in it. It was so delicious and really hit the spot after running 6.2 miles. I am tempted to order some from Edinburgh and have them sent to me, but I will probably just try to whip some up myself. Stay tuned for a recipe once I have success!