Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cupcake Taste Test.

I love sweets; especially cake.

At social gatherings when cake is passed around the room, after, many plates will have an L shape of frosting leftover. People have told me they just think frosting is too sweet?!??!?!?! I'm sorry, but I just can't comprehend this notion.

We have proof of my love for cake thank to uncle Paul videotaping my fourth birthday. Most children at parties will take a few bites, then grow bored and run away to play. Well not me; while all my friends had scampered away, I sat alone at the table finishing my slice of amazing cake from Connors Bakery.

In New York City, there are two very popular cupcake houses: Magnolia and Crumbs. This past weekend I conducted a taste test to see which was better. I purchased one of each and brought them home to eat them simultaneously, so I could fully compare and contrast.

I purchased the standard vanilla frosting, yellow cake from each. The winner: CRUMBS!
Crumb's cake is much lighter and fluffier. Magnolia's cake is more dense like a pound cake. Both cakes were moist, which was good because there is nothing worse than dry cake. No amounts of good frosting can make up for bad cake. Crumbs also get kudos in the frosting dept. I feel there was a more sugary taste, while Magnolia's was a buttery taste.

Before I had even tasted, I have to say I was more impressed in the Crumbs store. They have tons of different flavors and brightly decorate all their different concoctions. I do have to say they play in on the supersized American style. All the fun flavors come in the jumbo size while the standard size come in basics. They do sell a mini variety pack which is kind of fun.

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