Thursday, April 22, 2010


One of the greatest accomplishments and experiences of my life thus far is the Boston Marathon. In the running community, this event is put up on the highest pedestal. In the Boston community, this day has such significance and meaning. I grew up thinking that everywhere people had no school or work on Patriots Day…….Later in life, I came to learn not all our such lucky souls.

I grew up hearing all the hype about this event. I can’t say I always thought “One day I want to do that,” but after finally warming up to the idea of running for a ridiculous length of time, I couldn’t wait to be a part of Boston. In the fall I had run NYC. I would have to say in comparison it felt as if no one was watching NY, because the crowds for Boston were just that good! Boston is a tough course and the second half was hard, but thanks to the yelling and support of the onlookers I was carried right through to the finish.

I guess I ran a really smart race. I didn't even intentionally do this, but my half marathon time was a minute slower than NY and in the end I was more than a minute faster. I had some other friends running, but ended up flying solo this day. I was sad to be running alone yet again, as I had done all my training and NY alone. It would have been nice to have had someone to share the experience with, but I still was smiling and laughing the whole time……by myself I guess this may have just made me seem like a big weirdo!

A friend had warned me “After mile 12 your legs will kill” because the first half is a constant downhill. I kinda didn't totally believe her because I have always loved downhills in races. But I’m talking like a 50m downhill, not 12 miles one! So yea she was somewhat right, but it was more my legs just felt tired. It was a little bit worrisome, but it wasn't a bad pain or anything, they just felt tired. If I hadn't been running in Boston with those crowds, I would have not run as good a time.

The second half includes the legendary Heartbreak hill, which is supposed to be a killer of a hill that hits you right in the worst moments of the race as you are hitting the wall. I’d have to say it really wasn’t as bad as they all say. Of course my legs were tired, but it wasn’t a constant incline it had lots of gradations and my legs actually were liking the change from going up to down. The last 3 miles the crowd was just so loud and excited me so much, it was easy. Also when I spotted the big citgo sign I got so pumped inside. My goal was 3:17 for NY. I never told anyone really, but that was my goal again. I knew Boston was harder, so that would make my goal more ambitious. If I had run anything under 3:20 I was going to be psyched.

My time was 3:16:56. How bout that for obtained a goal and new PR!

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  1. I like how you're all, "Heartbreak Hill? Whatevs..."