Friday, July 9, 2010

Las Paletas

The treasure of Nashville.

Las Paletas is a small popsicle shop, which provides the people of Nashville with fresh homemade Mexican popsicles. They are literally the best popsicles I’ve ever had, jam packed with so much flavor. They really hit the spot when you are sitting in steamy 100 degree weather starting to melt away. They are so tasty that I had three while I was in town! I tried berries, kiwi, and creamy lime. They were all amazing and there were even more I just didn’t have time to try.

They have a fruit variety as well as a creamy variety and also some out of the norm flavors like avocado, rose petal, and hibiscus. You can find them at their shop and also at many other local restaurants like Fido on 21st Ave!

My friend Adrienne is living the life, eating las paletas daily!

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