Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring means a visit to Ritas!

In college my two friends, Annie and Devin, were kind of in love with Ritas Water Ice and introduced me to it. Each year on the first day of spring, Ritas gives away free water ice and they would always give me a friendly reminder when this date was approaching. Last year I discovered they had Ritas in NYC!!! So this year I paid a visit to celebrate spring. My all time favorite flavor is raspberry lemonade, but unfortunately they hardly ever have it, which has caused me to get pretty upset with poor high schoolers in Newark, DE before. I decided to go with lime this year, but I was also intrigued by a new flavor.....I asked to have a little put on top so I could try it out..........

This was a bad ideas on my behalf, but more so on their behalf:

Peep flavored water ice.

It didn't really sound like it would be good, but it was such a weird concept I felt the need to try it out. All of their more cream based flavors sound very unappetizing to me, so I really don't know why I even decided to try this. Peep flavored ice cream would definitely work, but water ice not so much. I took one bite and then had to scoop off the rest into the trash so I could get to my lime ice.

Moral of the story: Don't get Peep water ice!

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