Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yet another cupcake review

In the hunt for the best cupcake, I’ve always wanted to try LA’s claim to fame, Sprinkles. I was just talking about it yesterday, so I was super stoked when the opportunity fell into my lap when a box was brought into work today!!!

They were delicious, BUT New York definitely still gets my vote for doing a better cupcake. A variety was brought in and I made sure to get claims on a vanilla. The cake was nice and moist and did have a nice taste to it. Frosting is my favorite part, but the cake is where things can go extremely wrong. The cake should taste good enough on its own to not need frosting. Sprinkles made a good showing in this department. They only have a layer about 1/8” thick of frosting which is just not enough in my book.

They are definitely scrumptious and I wouldn’t think twice about buying some of them, but Crumbs of New York, and Sweet Tooth of Southie are definitely still way higher on my list!

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  1. yum - they all look perfect! this is why i leave the cupcake decorating to other people :)