Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pamcakes - More Cupcakes

Philly Style!

For my sister's birthday it was a given we had to find some cupcakes! We tried out a cute little shop nearby her place called Pamcakes. Turns out Pam was the one we bought them from which I didn't realize until we were home and I was google stalking her. Her shop is adorable and I love her decorations. They were actually doing a photoshoot of some Valentine's Day themed cakes when we were there.

So I tried out a plain vanilla and then split a Vanilla Chai to go with the Vanilla Chai I had drank earlier in the day (my new found drink that I like with caffeine....makes me feel a little crazy due of my long life of never having an ounce of caffeine in my body)

Frosting is my favorite thing in the world and her frosting was a delight. The cake though was dry and a little disappointing. Now my family tried two others which they said had nice moist cake, so I guess I just lucked out this time around.

The Vanilla Chai was such a fun different flavor to try. It had quite the bite of Chai. I really liked the originality of it!

Will return and hopefully the dryness was just a fluke. Unless there is a better Philly cupcake out there to try???

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