Sunday, February 19, 2012

Butter Lane's Frosting Shots: Best Idea Ever

No Birthday is complete without cake. This weekend my mom and sis came into town and we got some cupcakes to

I wanted to try a different shop, since NYC has so many to offer. We tried out Butter Lane. These people are genius. This doesn't even have anything to do with their little cakes. Look at what they have on their menu:

Frosting Shots!

Frosting is my favorite thing on the planet. Being able to just order is genius. Forget cupcakes! I want to skip right to frosting. But no I actually had cupcakes too!

The cupcakes were good, but not my all time fave. The cakes was pretty decent, not super dry. The frosting I chose for my shot was peanut butter, which didn't give me the best first impression. I guess it comes with their name, but they are more of a buttery then sugary frosting. The vanilla frosting on my cupcake was much better. I also tried their cinnamon honey one. This one could have used a different flavor cake. They paired the special frosting with regular yellow cake. I think I would have been more into it if the cake had cinnamon in it as well.

Lovely little shop though. I'd love to take one of their classes sometime!

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