Sunday, May 13, 2012

Move out of the way Vanilla

Never would I ever break into a Gu, just for a snack. I stood in front of shelves of them for years and was never enticed to buy one when hunger strikes. The first time I tired one was at XC camp and I thought it was totally vile. This was after running only 3 miles and it was probably a gross flavor too like chocolate. When I started training for marathons, I tried them again and have to admit after running for 14 miles, they do hit the spot. I am not very adventurous with flavors though. I tried a couple fruit ones and wasn't a fan, so I have always stuck with Vanilla or Plain. (Plain taste like honey!)

Sorry Vanilla Gu, I think I'm retiring you. I have a new love affair with Peanut Butter Gu. It is your own fault. Make anything Peanut Butter flavor and I not be able to resist. We got these in the store and I was patiently waiting until long runs resumed to try it out. First go, and I think I said out loud yum. It was super delish! Just did my marathon and solely used PB Gu for the event!

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