Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Magnificent muffins.

Been driving by this place on my way to work each day. I was super intrigued. Throwing out the word magnificent is a pretty big deal. Their name tactic got me and made me want to stop to see just what a magnificent muffin tasted like. It is the type of tiny whole in the way place, but sometimes those type place do have the best stuff.

Today, I finally got my act together and left early for work and made a pit stop. They had a lot of choices for flavors, but they didn't have my #1 and #2 favorites, which was quite odd. Lemon Poppy and Corn are pretty standard muffin flavors and to not have either! I can't let them influence my experience, but I do feel I would have been a little more happy biting into one of those kinds.

I tried their sour cream coffee cake. It was quite nice. Super moist and fresh.

Their muffins have a square top from the batter brimming over in the pan. It probably has become their signature appearance. One beef I have is that some of the batches were cooked a little too long. And for this reason, I didn't get a Cinnamon Chip Muffin. They were on the verge of being a little burnt on the edges. Not cool in my book! All in all I had a magnificent breakfast and will return for another muffin another day.

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