Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin: Scrumptious Weekend

A paid a visit to my aunt and uncle out in Madison, Wisconsin last weekend. I ate some amazing food while there and most importantly paid a visit to a cheese factory!

This was my big request for the weekend and Tom made sure I got my dream! We drove to Cedar Grove outside of the city, which was a lovely drive through the country. I was basically enjoy every minute of being out in farm land away from the craziness of the city!

Making cheese is a lengthy process. We got to see them at the point when cheese curds have formed and were being mixed in a big vat. They had just added salt to slow down the acid from breaking it down any further.

From there, the curds will be smooshed down, formed into blocks, cut up, and packaged! In the store, I sampled cheese curds for the first time. They are very rubbery and squeaky as they described them. They tasted fine, but I really didn't like the rubberiness. I'm going to stick to regular old cheese.

Also this weekend, I got to go to the largest producer only farmer's market in the country. Every Saturday local vendors line the square around the Capital. Everyone walks counter clockwise. It is the rule and I'm pretty bad things will happen to you if you don't oblige!

Like my love for grocery stores, I could just walk around this place for hours. I just wished I could have traveled some delectable goodies home. They had huge bunches of basil for dirt cheap I wanted to get super badly.

Here are some images from the market:

Beautiful tomatoes.


Fun shaped squash.

Kohlrabi? I'm unfamiliar with this vegetable!

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