Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Congrats to Soul Daddy!

So as Top Chef All Stars ended, I had to find a new show to obsess over. NBC strategicly started airing their new restaurant show in the nick of time and I became completely hooked. Over the past few weeks I've been watching Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone, and Steve, the owner of Chipotle (who feels the need to tell you he owns Chipotle in every sentence!) search of America’s Next Great Restaurant. Contestants pitched ideas for the next chain restaurant which the hosts would choose from to invest. The winner's idea would then open in three locations: LA, NYC, and Minneapolis.

My favorite concept left near the beginning: Meltwork. It was going to be a grilled cheese restaurant. Best concept ever! The brains behind Meltworks was not willing to take advise from the investors, so he got booted off. In the end it was down to three: Spice Coast, a modern indian restaurant, Brooklyn Meatball Co., and Soul Daddy. Brooklyn Meatball Co., was formally supposed to be called Saucy Balls. Enough said. I did not want Tony to win. Spice Coast, was a great idea. I personally do not like Indian food, but everyone I know loves it and there aren't any chain Indian places out there, so capitalizing on this seemed like a good plan. My hopes were for Soul Daddy and last night we found out Jamawn won!!!!!!! Of the three concept this was the one I most wanted to eat. Also, his story was really touching and made you really want him to win.

I can't wait to go visit Soul Daddy at the South Street Seaport. Will report back asap!

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