Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautful Red Mizunos!

It's like Christmas morning! My fave, fave running shoe are the Mizuno Wave Rider. I've been wearing them since 2006 and have gone through so many pairs it's not even funny. Back some years ago they had a version that came in red. I was obsessed. Not sure why, but when it comes to cars and running shoes, I love red! When they came out with the 12th version, I absolutely hated them. They made me stand on the outside of my feet and supinate really badly. I had no choice, but to switch it up and where another shoe for the time being. When the 13 came out, I went into a store and tried them on and it was back feeling like the 11! Wahoooooo! Also, it came out in red!!!!!!! I got a pair and was so happy it was back to normal and also in such a good color! The red came and went and stores started carrying a pink color. I went online and found that I could buy the red ones pretty cheap because it was the older color. I know this was a ridiculous move, but I bought 3 pairs at once and stocked up. This morning I whipped out my last pair. Aren't they beautiful?

I had kind of forgotten I had one last pair, so it was a very pleasant surprise finding them under my bed at home. My feet are such happy little campers today and ready for a run! I kind of am sad to be in my last pair. I was tempted to keep saving them, but shoes do have a shelf life. Plus you have to use things and enjoy them!!

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