Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vegan Ice Cream is Delish!

It's been HOT out. Workouts are hard, but combine them with the heat and they can be quite the treacherous feat. Last night though, I felt awesome and didn't let the heat get to me. After a great workout I stopped in with some track friends to
Lula's to have my first scoop of vegan ice cream. And let me tell you, this will not be my last. (I'm kind of obsessed!)

As I left practice with some fellow uptown folk, Larry mentioned this vegan ice cream place that is to die for. I am not vegan, but I was definitely intrigued to see if they could actually make it taste good. Man, it was the bomb. I don't really know how they do it. I plan on doing research on recipes to figure out how one can make it taste, so good while subbing ingredients. I tried a sample of mojito because it sounds different, but I actually knew exactly which one I would get without even sampling. Peanut Butter Chip was a choice. Enough said. I actually got the last of it too. Sorry Larry! Some peanut butter ice creams have let me down before because they were quite peanut buttery enough. This was super tasty!!The place was tucked away in the East Village and is set up to be like an old apothecary. I highly recommend paying them a visit. I surely will be going back!

(I never leave home without my camera. That is except when running, so I wasn't equipped for this visit. Please mind the fuzzy crummy pics from my phone!)


  1. I want to know what this recipe would be, SO many questions.

  2. Its amazing how tasty some vegan foods are! I'd totally be up for trying out vegan ice cream. Have a good weekend