Sunday, July 3, 2011

Do the Rockway. Now Lean Back.

To celebrate summer and America, I wanted to get myself to the beach! I ventured to Rockaway avec Julianne. It took us a LONG time, but everywhere takes a long time to get to in the city. It was a straight shot and I had good conversation to amuse me along the way, but it is no 25 minute drive. I was spoiled growing up.

After soaking in some rays and testing out the water, we grew hungry and went on a hunt to find Rockaway Taco, which Alice said was an absolute must. We walk about a mile to this little hole in the wall taco stand with crazy graffiti painted all over it. There was a line around the corner. I didn't take this to be a problem, but more of a, "Man this place must be good, so we have to wait!" We waited probably 40 minutes and it was worth it. There taco selection included fish, chorizo, tofu, or meat, all of which I wasn't feeling so I ordered a bean and cheese quesadilla, which really should have been called a bean taco. I actually had really wanted a taco seeing as it was called Rockaway taco, so I had no objection that it didn't resemble what it was called. It had this block of cheese that was slightly grilled on the top which was the bomb and it was topped with cabbage and radishes and I finished it off with some salsa verde. I recommend everyone pay a visit if you are ever in Rockaway. Watch out for the hoards of hipsters though. I learned this is their go to summer destination.


  1. I had Rockaway beach plans this past Sunday but we were rained out! Was totally looking forward to finding this taco stand! Looks delicious

  2. Sunday's rain was a downer for sure! Good thing you opted to postpone your trip. When you do go, you must eat tacos! Must Must Must!

  3. Definitely not a quesadilla, but looks awesome!