Monday, June 20, 2011

City of Sisterly Love

My sister now lives in Philly. Score! Another reason to jump on a bus and go down there. I spent the day with her yesterday and had my share of some lovely eats. She brought me to Yogorino, which is an Italian take on Pink Berry. It was quite good. They had lots of fun more European-esque toppings. They have location all over the world and they chose to put there first US location in Philly! Go Philly!

I got a white chocolate sauce and chocolate candies. The candy was an impulse decision. I kind of wanted to try the meringue crumbles, but then I thought my dish would be weirdly too white and could use some color. I probably should have gone with my usual sprinkles or copied Neana and got chocolate shavings. The candies just tend to get hard from the cold ice cream and I don't like that.

Neana got the pistachio sauce and chocolate shavings. I tried a bite. It was interesting, but I'm not really into pistachio too much.

After a long day of walking around and apartment hunting we need to unwind, so we stopped by El Vez, a favorite of many of my favorite people in life (Annie and my mom!)

We got El Vez classic margaritas and an order of Nacho Mamma. This really hit the spot! Perfect treat for a warm summery afternoon!

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