Friday, June 17, 2011

Milkshake heaven

So I've already posted about Bareburger, but I can't resist posting again. I dined there last night with Brittany and we have Groupon to thank for a smashing deal! They work with local artisans and sustainable farmer to provide customers with the best organic and quality ingredients. And I am a returning customer, so I will back up the tastiness of their food! Oh, and they also have a bear as their mascot, which I like.

I got the cubby meal. They didn't have an age limit written, so no one was stopping me from getting this portion. I had a veggie burger, with fries, apple slices, and carrots. This is still my fave veggie burger I've had thus far. Had one you think could live up to it? Please let me know!

I was consumed with excitement when my milkshake came that I was unable to take a picture until it was all gone. There once was a peanut butter milkshake inside this cup! I had died and went to peanut butter heaven. Having this in house pays off too, because you get the silver cup filled with an extra portion. I really feel like you get double as much as when you do take out!

My night of fun did not end there. Brittany suggested we continue on to Sweet Afton. Here we tried out the Spicy Cherry Margarita. It was made with a habanero infused tequila and man could you feel the heat! Spicy drink ever!

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